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Customise your Kiddimoto Superbike!

As well as our officially licensed Motorcycle Heroes collection we also sell our plain colours of the iconic Superbike. This gives parents the opportunity to design their little one’s bike with their own style. Who wouldn’t want their own customised balance bike?

Just check out this transformation of a Kiddimoto Superbike to a customised #MagicMichael bike!

Niels Meijer from Holland decided to create this custom bike for his son who is a massive fan of World Superbike rider Michael #MagicMichael van der Mark #60. After purchasing his Kiddimoto Superbike he completed the paint job and the decals all on his own.

‘The end-result got the bike a lot of attention and even Michael recognized us in the paddock in Assen and took some time to sign it and to take some photos with my 4 year old son Sem!’








Below is another balance bike transformation done by Mark Colborne!

We love that Mark‎ transformed his son’s Green Superbike to match his bike. We love how he even added the egg rigs to match his own motorbike! They look so cool.

If this looks too much like hard work, you can always personalise your Kiddimoto with your childs name! Just enter your chosen name when selecting your product.

Share your transformation photos on our social media pages using the #Kiddimoto!


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